Sam mulls the blog’s top posts of all time

Whenever I look a the list of the blog’s top posts of all time, I’m struck by a few things. Here’s my thoughts:

  1. It’s striking that the posts are all by Tracy and me. We’re a big group here now. We’re now a team of more than 10 bloggers and more than 200 people have guest blogged here.  But the most popular posts are by Tracy and me. That’s nice but it’s related to the next two points.
  2. All the really popular posts are old. They were published in the blog’s first couple of years mostly. Readership builds up over time and so the longer a post is around the more it gets read. We also often link to these old posts. They set out some of the blog’s fave themes, such as BMI being bullshit.
  3. The most popular posts are always about bodies, body image, dieting culture, body positivity. We’ve written before about why a fitness blog cares so much about body image. But I’m not sure we write as much about that these days. In some ways (but not all the ways) we’ve moved on. There are more posts now about the things we do–yoga, running, biking! But there are fewer posts about bodies and the bad attitudes can have toward them.
  4. I also think WOW! That’s a lot of people reading these posts. As an academic whose scholarly work doesn’t necessarily reach that many people I find these big numbers exciting.

How about you? What springs to mind for you when you look at this list? What do you want us to write about? We welcome your feedback/suggestions/ideas.

What’s one thing that we don’t write about that you want to hear about? What’s one thing you want to read less about? What’s something you want to hear more about?