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Happy 54! Celebrate Sam’s Birthday Season

Image description: Black text on a white background that reads, “Girls can never just celebrate their birthday on ONE day, they need the whole month, 6 outfits, 2 dinners, a holiday, and 3 cakes.”

I’m celebrating my birthday today. Happy 54th birthday to me! I’m reminded that we started the blog when we were 48. The blog has been going for six years now. That’s really old in blog years.

But I’m not just celebrating today. I’m making a weekend of it. A long weekend. It actually began yesterday while I was still 53 with a visit from Tracy. We had lunch and that’s a big deal now we’re living and working in different cities.

There’ll be three days of cake. Today, my actual birthday, will be a low key thing. Maybe we’ll go out to eat. Maybe a movie. There’ll be a 54 km bike ride on Saturday to mark the occasion. Sunday my family is taking me tubing. We’re doing the “Glen Morris to Paris Area… 11km paddle with easy splash (3-4 hrs)” For details, see here.

See This 13-km Lazy River In Ontario Is The Coolest Place For Tubing.

Again, more cake probably with bonus ice cream.

I’m all for spreading birthdays out. For me, it’s also a time of year that needs parties.

My friend Ange writes, “Agreed! I am a mere 9 days into the 41st festivus of Ange (also knows locally as Angemas). Angemas goes for the number of years of my age – this year – 41 days. I can’t wait until I’m 92 and can rock it for 3 whole months!!”

How about you? How much birthday celebrating do you do?

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6 thoughts on “Happy 54! Celebrate Sam’s Birthday Season

  1. Happy Birthday! I do tend to celebrate my birthday “week”…easy to do in mid-July. And I always take the day off work. (My grad students get their birthdays off, too). Have a great day/weekend!

  2. Also: I don’t always celebrate my birthday but I enjoy the phone calls from family, the Facebook birthday party, and the feeling of being “off the hook” for the one day!

  3. Happy Day! The celebration doesn’t have to be big, but something to mark the day (and perhaps the many days surrounding it). I’m always thrilled by notes from friends and members of my family singing happy birthday into voicemail! And multiple outfits are pretty much always important 🙂

  4. Happy birthday season Sam! Sounds like you have a good few days lined up. Hope you’re having a great time!

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