Tracy’s midsummer check-in (from Newport)

Image description: head shot of Tracy, smiling, blue ball cap and sunglasses, one of the Newport Mansions in the background.
Image description: head shot of Tracy, smiling, blue ball cap and sunglasses, one of the Newport Mansions in the background.

Sam has been doing a monthly check-in. I’m not quite so organized but I like to do periodic stock-takings and midsummer (or late midsummer seems like a good time to do it.

10K Training

My primary focus this summer has been my 10K training. I’m working with Linda from Master the Moments and she’s created excellent training plans that seem to be working. What I mean when I say they’re “working” is that I’m actually getting faster on my intervals. And I’ve been able to maintain tempo paces that I wasn’t expecting. And there is enough variety that I enjoy the different workouts and never get bored.

This is not to say I’m close to being able to maintain a fast enough pace over 10K yet to do it in under 65 minutes. But maybe I’ll be there by October. My next official event is the MEC race series 10 K on September 8th. Main thing: I’m enjoying myself.

Yesterday morning in Newport Rhode Island I did my long run (a day late) and found is relaxing and enjoyable, if also hot and muggy. I’m trying to remember that all the latest research says to do drills with intensity, but to do long runs more slowly than you think you should. I managed about 11.5K before the humidity drove me indoors to the Marine Centre so I could have a hot shower — seven minutes for $1.75 (seven minutes is longer than you think for a shower).

Resistance training

I’m getting stronger, still training with Paul from Definitions twice a week. He puts together challenging workouts for me and having the appointment ensures that I get there.

I understand personal training is a luxury not everyone has the privilege of indulging in. But at this point I’m choosing to continue doing this in lieu of a gym membership.

Hot yoga

Hot yoga is my Saturday morning thing. I love it but at the beginning of the summer I did a photography workshop that was on Saturday mornings and then I have been away many weekends. So yoga hasn’t been happening as much as I’d like.

My commute

The past couple of summers I’ve been a very dedicated walker-to-work because I was doing the step challenge with a team and I hate letting down a team. For all my complaints about it, I confess it did make me walk a lot more than I’ve been this summer.

This year I walk or ride at least a couple of times a week, but I also drive way more than I usually do in the summer.

Meditation challenge

As I mentioned in my post about the power of the pact, I’ve got a meditation pact going with a friend. The commitment is to mediate daily for 90 days. I’m on day 21 of consecutive meditation. My hope is that by the end I’ll have re-established the habit of daily practice again.

My friend and I send check-in texts to each other daily when we have done our meditation. Tomorrow in Newport Renald and I are going to a group meditation at 5:30. Some friends told us about it and it sounds like something we would both enjoy.

Book promo

The book media has slowed somewhat but we have some big ones coming up. We did a Q&A with SELF magazine. We’ll keep you posted. And on July 31 I’ll be interviewed on the Canadian TV show The Social. I’ll report back about that.

We would still love to get more reviews on for all the reasons Sam explained last week.

The summer feels like it’s flying by. I’m visiting Renald for just a week in Newport and then back to work for another three weeks then back to Newport for two weeks of sailing down the coast to Annapolis with some stops along the way.

Between this trip and the late summer trip Anita gets back from her year in London, England. It will be amazing to have my running buddy back in town!

I get back from my second trip on the labour day weekend. Then the students come back. And Fall is upon us. And the MEC 10K!

So that’s what’s happening. I’m enjoying this summer a lot.

How’s your summer going?

3 thoughts on “Tracy’s midsummer check-in (from Newport)

  1. Thanks for the update! It’s a great reminder that long runs (and I’m applying this to cycling too) should be slower than we might expect. I’m starting to incorporate some intensity into my cycling, as my legs and lungs are ready for it. The variety in workouts sounds like a great idea for all of us. Enjoy your time on the boat!

  2. So what’s up with the driving to work thing? I’m curious. When you’re walking and biking, I love seeing your posts about how much you enjoy walking and biking to work. Maybe you forget that you love it so much? I would think loving it would be a better motivation than meeting a goal.I really like the emotional space between work and home. I don’t find driving gives me that. These days I’m sometimes biking extra on the way home for fun and relaxation.

    1. It’s almost 100% about time (a little bit too about tired legs). If I have personal training at 4 or even 5 I need to leave work about an hour and 15 minutes before my appointment if I’m walking. Only 30-40 minutes before if I’m driving. I walked more when Paul was away. I do try to avoid 4 pm sessions because they’re too early but I can’t always. I agree with the emotional space that walking affords. Biking too, so I should remember that as an option. The 10K training has meant more tired legs so sometimes it’s tough to do an interval session and then hop on my bike. I ah e avoided that on occasion by running at lunch time but with the move at work and hot weather it’s not been possible either.

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