Raspberry Ketone, Pure Green Coffee Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Weight Loss, and the Fallacy of Appealing to Authority #tbt

In this era of “fake news” I thought for sure I was reading a joke when I saw the headline “Trump appointing Dr Oz to his sports, nutrition and fitness council” But apparently not. Despite that he has been denounced by the medical community for “an egregious lack of integrity,” Dr. Oz is indeed being appointed. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me but it did. Dr Oz spends a lot of time on his show championing miracle weight loss products that have no scientific backing to support the claims made about their efficacy.

It seems apt, therefore, to reblog something I wrote back in 2013 about his endorsement of these things and why we should take pause. Enjoy (or read it and weep).


raspberriesMy usually skeptical husband forwarded me an email message late last week with the subject “weight loss.” It contained a short video of Dr. Oz endorsing pure green coffee bean extract as a miracle weight loss potion.  My husband’s question to me:  “what do you think?”

The clip I watched showed an enthusiastic Dr. Oz with the creator of the product.  Oz declared it a weight loss miracle.  When I went back to the link a few days later, the link led me to something different. This time, Dr. Oz was interviewing someone about a different weight loss miracle:  Garcinia Cambogia.  Apparently it’s also an amazing fat burner! Like pure green coffee bean extract, this product is supposed to result in weight loss without any changes to diet or activity.

Neither the green coffee bean extract page or the garcinia cambogia page would let me leave them without not one…

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