I’m back! Thoughts on my first spring bike commute and why I take the lane (Sam, reblogged from 2015)

It’s a spring like day outside and many of us are starting to commute by bike again. (I know some of you never stopped. I intended to never stop but my knee injury had other ideas.) This is my story of why I assertively take the lane and make cars ride around me. Warning: Contains bike crash photos. I don’t think they are particularly gruesome and I’m smiling in them. I wasn’t seriously injured and my bike was just fine. A happy ending and a lesson learned, from my point of view.


I did it.

It was above freezing this weekend and a high of 7 today. And I did it.  I got my cyclocross/commuting bike (complete with bell, panniers, and fenders) out of the basement and rode to work. I smiled the entire way there and back. It felt so great to be riding outside again.

The bike path along the river in our city is nowhere near clear. It’s got big patches of snow and ice but the roads are in good shape. Cars aren’t quite used to seeing bikes again so I smiled and waved a lot but since bikes are associated with the return of above freezing weather, I think most people were happy to see me.

Finding a bike rack once I got the campus was a bit trickier. I had to climb a snowbank and attach my bike to what was the top of the rack…

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