My 218 Workouts — Guest post from Leslie Zborovski

Leslie spinningWhen an active and inspiring friend and colleague invited me to join the 218 Workouts in 2018 group, I eagerly joined.  I started my fitness journey three years ago, and went from being pretty inactive to regularly getting in 6 workouts per week.  I was excited to tally my efforts.

I was enjoying a lazy day and hadn’t planned to do a workout on January 1st, but when I logged into Facebook late in the day and saw tons of “218 in 2018” posts all over my newsfeed, I decided then and there to stand up and do something active.  Just 15 minutes of lower body stuff (squats, lunges) and some yoga poses and stretching all while watching TV.  I counted it.  Workout #1.  It was purposeful movement.  The posts from the group members made me do it.  I didn’t want to fall behind.

Most of my workouts are typically more intense.  I take two 55 minute spin classes each week and get in three 90 minute strength sessions plus a yoga or movement class.  But, on a day last week that I just couldn’t bear to go out through the snow to go to the gym, I still managed a 30 minute yoga video that I found on Youtube and did in my living room.  It counted.  Workout #33.  Purposeful movement counts in my books.

In addition to being motivated by contributing and being a part of the Facebook group, I also decided to track my minutes per workout and totals in my spreadsheet.  In the first 6 weeks of the year, I have spent over 2500 active minutes in the gym! That’s incredibly motivating to know, and I feel proud, empowered and strong!

I relished adding two entries today having done spin and then a movement class. I have discovered I am a bit competitive (or maybe very competitive!?) even if it’s just with myself to keep up my pace.

Leslie chooses to be active to focus on overall health and wellbeing and to set a good example for her family. As pictured in the photo, Leslie spins in the SPIN To Conquer Cancer fundraising event in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, raising research dollars in memory of her friend Ellen who passed way from Multiple Myeloma in March 2015. 

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