Exercise guilt. Let’s lose it. #tbt

The word “permission” has come up a lot lately in my conversations with friends: permission to do less, to let people down, to get it wrong, to make mistakes,…in a word, permission to be human instead of a perfectly programmed machine. Most of the women in my life struggle with giving themselves this permission. We look around as see that our friends are too hard on themselves and then roll our eyes when they say the same of us. Guilt is the unhappy tag-along that shows up when we don’t allow ourselves the breathing space required to be human. Today’s Throwback Thursday is about exercise guilt and how to lose it. Enjoy!


Not guilty stamp or seal, isolated on white background.Raise your hand if you feel guilty when you miss a workout. I blog a lot about missing workouts, scaling back, taking rest days, lowering our expectations, doing less, etc. This is a recurring theme of mine.

If someone “explored” my psychological commitment to that theme, they might uncover something like guilt-avoidance at its root. I want to reassure myself on a regular basis that it is perfectly okay to miss workouts because….drum roll please….I happen to miss a lot of workouts.

For me, finding a balance between rigid adherence to a plan and being totally off my game is a tricky business. Like lately I haven’t been making it to the pool for my 2x a week 6 a.m. swims. It’s so darn early. So. Early.

I used to be good at leaping out of bed and not giving it any thought. Last…

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