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Sam shelves her ego to go spin with students

So I’ve moved jobs, moved universities, moved gyms, and moved physio clinics. So much change!

At my old physio clinic we began with time on the spin bike which seemed to help with knee mobility and made the other exercises easier to tolerate. This physio clinic is more hands on, less tech. There’s no giant “game  ready” ice compression thingie, no ultrasound, no TENS unit, and no row of spin bikes.

Western’s clinic is full of injured student athletes and physio students. The Guelph clinic is more low key, more staff focused it seems. There isn’t a sports medicine clinic with x-rays and surgeons etc attached either.

I can do without the other stuff but I miss spinning before physio.

Monday I noticed that I had physio at at the university clinic at 7 pm and there was a spin class, 530-630 pm in the gym which is in the same building. Woohoo!

Actually it wasn’t just a spin class. It was Cycle-Yoga. 30 min of spinning followed by 30 minutes of “yoga for cyclists.”

The students were all student age, 18-20 or so. The instructor though was closer to my age. Actually her taste in music put her older than me. Whenever she gave instructions she said it was okay not to listen and just do your own thing. She told the class that she had teenagers and was used to that.

We bonded over knee injuries and agreed I’d just do my own thing, like the teenagers. Right now that’s no heavy resistance and no standing. Instead, I focused on high cadence and that seemed to work okay.

I stayed in the back and I was surprised at how little need I felt to impress undergraduates in a spin class. I was wearing bike shorts. I had my bike shoes. I thought I might struggle with keeping up and with not doing stupid things that hurt, like standing. But no, not so much.

Maybe in my 50s I’m finally growing up?

A row of spin bikes
Photo by Martin Barák on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Sam shelves her ego to go spin with students

  1. Maybe because I’ve been doing it for the past 10 years, but I’ve pretty much lost any self-consciousness about working out with students. I’m not willing to pay for a gym membership when I have free access to our campus fitness center, especially when there is a separate faculty/staff locker room. I was more intimidated by the equipment than the bros lifting in the weight area, but once I had a trainer walk me through it all, I’ve been fine with being in the space (though I’m not yet up for barbell work). I think the bros have even gotten used to the old fat woman working out in “their” space. Genetics and socioeconomic history means I never had and never will have the lean and fit bodies of these college kids, so I feel no need to compare myself to them.

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