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Lost Without My Doggo (Tails From the Woods)

Hi. This is me, still not doing very much by way of movement. . .EXCEPT. . .dog walking.

In this post I will contemplate the different types of dog walks as I see them. You can argue with me, but I just made this all up so you can be right if you want.

Basic walk: This is the 7:45am walk around the small park. It is necessary for the dog’s health and short because I (or you, or someone) has to go to work or school. The dog loves it and the human just needs it to be over (1km).

Panic walk: This walk happens right before you have to do something important but the dog needs it and you love the dog. So you walk very fast and yell at the dog to stop checking every bit of pee-mail she has and lets go because you need to move. (1km)

Information gathering from teenager walk: This is the one you ask your teen kid to come on with you so that the dog gets a walk and you maybe get some info (intel) on their life or the life of a sibling. Children who are looking in the same direction as the adult talk more than children being directly interrogated. Don’t believe me? Try it. Car ride, swings in the park, park bench, ski lift or. . .dog walk. (1.8km)

Hang out with a spouse walk: The spouse you never see. Ya, that one. Go for a dog walk, get a coffee, don’t forget the Timbit for the dog. (1.8km)A happy yellow lab standing in snow looking up. There are snowshoes with boots in them all around the frame

It’s so cold I hate you dog walk: This is the walk that you wish you never owned a dog for. Except she is so happy and loves you for taking her, so I guess it’s okay and she can stay, but I can’t feel my face. (1km)

Cottage road dog walk: Casual, delightful, you remembered to put your snow pants on so you are not too freezing. Love the cottage road dog walk. (1.5km)

Forest tromp with dog: Snow! Forest! Happiest dog ever in the world. These are the best walks. They can be casual and slow or fast and sweaty. Everyone is having a good time, especially the dog. Let’s face it, the dog always has a good time. (4km)

It doesn’t matter what state you are in or I am in or how long it’s been since I wore running shoes. It doesn’t matter if I’m depressed and peri-menopausal and hate everyone. The dog is always up for a walk and the dog is always happy. Therefore, I walk the dog and the fog of life lifts just a little bit. May your year be full of happy dog walks or some equivalent even if you don’t feel very fit and even if you are exhausted trying to be a feminist in these weird times. Dogs see your potential. Dogs know you’ve got this. Dogs think you are a-okay.

13 thoughts on “Lost Without My Doggo (Tails From the Woods)

  1. I’m familiar with most of those walks! This morning it will be the “hurry up, poop, no you cannot sniff every single tree” walk. Still, walking with lovely Otis (the coonhound who loves to bark on his morning walk) is like meditation for me. And in this bitter cold is often the only exercise I get. Not bad considering most days bark-a-lot coonie Otis gets 6-8 km of walking.

  2. Thanks for this great post! I would probably not go outside in this weather (a windchill of -30) if it weren’t for my dog. She loves walks, she loves snow and the cold doesn’t seem to bother her at all–in fact, I think it energizes her! If it really think about it, there isn’t much that she doesn’t love. She’s a puppy and this is our first winter, so she is full of curiosity and wonder–she sticks her head into the snow and takes her time and then wants to run up and down hills. And then we get home and I have to clean all the snow clumps off her. She brings joy to the whole family, gets us moving and keeps our spirits up no matter what it is like outside!

  3. There is also the meditative dog walk. This usually happens for me in the evening or weekend, when I am not in a rush to be somewhere. My mind wanders and I walk slower than usual. The dog gets to smell ALL the smells and occasionally has to nudge me to get going. I ponder the nature of the universe. The dog is happy.

    1. Yes! Good one. This walk will not happen this week though. Too cold!!!

      I should also write the post about “5 ways the dog keeps me in bed”. This morning we were super snuggled and it was warm. No one wants to leave that.

  4. I would add, for me, the two dog walk. The compromise walk, one big and one little. Happens when my mum is sick. We take her little dog Charlie along with our big dog Cheddar. Cheddar is so patient. It requires more patience on the part of the walkers too. Twice the sniffing. Distance can vary. Charlie can walk a long way though once after 5 km nature hike we realized we’d worn him out and had to carry him back to the car.

  5. Best. Post. Ever.
    Emma the dog says: ok, you’ve read for 10 minutes. Now walk me!

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