Walking again!

I’ve taken walking for granted over the years, assumed that whenever I want to I can walk as far and as long as I need to. No fuss, no muss.

Not anymore.

Today I went on my first walk that was long enough to register as a walk on my Garmin since my knee injury. But I’m not sure if it’s getting better or if my pain tolerance is going up. Still, the sun was shining and I need to get outside. There are emotional well-being issues here too.

The whole walk was actually closer to 4 km but I stopped and started a few times running errands on campus.

Tonight though I’m back to my ice and riding on the trainer routine. Tomorrow I meet a new Guelph physio person.

Slow, steady, walking not running….

2 thoughts on “Walking again!

  1. Good luck with the recovery. After similar knee problems, I subsequently messed up my foot from walking abnormally from knee pain. I wish I had been more aware.


    1. Yep. It happens. I’ve got a friend with hip problems who has two his replacements and now she’s got knee problems from the hip strain. For better or worse, it’s all connected.


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