Welcome to Fit Is a Feminist Issue

We follow our analytics and “insights” on the various platforms we use — WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And by all reports our stats are booming.

We are especially excited to welcome new followers. If you’re new to the blog you may not know who’s who and what’s happening. We post new content daily and we have lots of regular and guest contributors. If you want to see the general schedule we posted it in September.

Sam and I started the blog back in the fall of 2012, just two years before our 50th birthdays. Our goal: to be the fittest we’d ever been in our lives by the time we turned 50. And also to post about our continuing conversation about how to approach fitness as feminists. The blog has grown and changed over the past five years. The best part is the thriving community of like-minded people seeking an alternative approach to fitness that’s sprung up around it.

If you are new to us, we are delighted to welcome you to that community. Feel free to comment on our posts on WordPress, Facebook or Twitter. Follow us. Like us. Catch us on Instagram. Send us a message with suggestions about content you’d like more of (or less of!). Pre-order the book Sam and I wrote Fit at Mid-Life: A Feminist Fitness Journey. It’s coming out in April 2018, published by Greystone Books. Most of all, enjoy!