Happy New Year and #NewFitspo to You!


I love Superfit Hero.

They’re the feminist company that set out to combine two things I really care about: body positivity and ethical clothes manufacturing. (I teach a course on feminism and fashion and the ethics of clothes production, sales, and purchasing is a big deal to me.)

Oh, and I love their clothes. I’m wearing their Feminist tank on our book cover photo.

I wear their hoodie pretty much every weekend and their workout tights are the best I’ve found.

We’ve blogged about them before. See Superfit Heroes! and Superfit Feminist Selfie!

They write, “Every year around this time, the Fitness Industrial Complex batters us with messages designed to make us feel inadequate. #Fitspo or Fitness Inspiration memes clutter the internet with reminders that we are not good enough, thin enough, or young enough. This year, we are fighting back with inspirational messages of our own.

We are reclaiming our self-worth from the industries that want us to remain small and silent. We are redefining what fitness inspiration looks like.


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One thought on “Happy New Year and #NewFitspo to You!

  1. I’m glad they’ve added pants/shorts with pockets. My one complaint about the capri leggings I got from the Kickstarter, which I pretty much only wear in spin class due to the lack of pockets.

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