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2017 Experiments with Bikes (Guest Post)

2017 was a lot of things. As far as biking goes, it was the year I tried to be a “cyclist” (picture spandex bike shorts) and then realized that I’m simply someone who gets around by bike and I love it! The “cyclist” title and image aren’t necessary, so I stopped striving to fit that image. Most of my bike rides are still under 5km each way (about 15-20 minutes,) except when I have extra time and energy to explore further along the Thames Valley Parkway. The 2017 Strava video titled “My Year in Sport” really should say “My Year of Active Transportation & Adventures in Nature!”
winter bike

2017 was the year that I decided to try winter cycling. For me, that meant getting studded tires and proper gloves… everything else is typical winter attire with well-planned layering – basically snowboarding/skiing clothes.

In 2017, I discovered how much I enjoy learning how to fix my bikes. Oh yeah, I also named my bikes this year – something I had been mulling on for a few years, but it took a while to settle on the right names for them.

Try new things, don’t worry about fitting an image or comparing yourself with others, celebrate whatever steps towards wellness you take, and have fun!

Happy New Year!!

Joy Cameron enjoys cycling, painting, and tai chi. In 2014, she founded Bikes n’ Brains as a response to a collision she was in. Since then, she has enjoyed getting to know many individuals from the cycling community. She is excited to be pursuing a social work degree at King’s University College.

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  1. Hey, that’s a lot of kilometres on an annual basis for someone doing mostly short rides. Impressive. But also Mallory and I want to know what you called your bicycles and how many you have….

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