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Body hair and winter months: Will the extra leg hair keep me warm? #tbt

It’s that time of year again when I get less regular in my leg hair shaving. I’m not sure why I feel compelled to shave my legs for the knee physio clinic, but I do. How about you? Do you shave less or stop in the winter months?


winterlegsIt’s the winter. For many of us summertime shavers, the season of more body hair. Bye bye bathing suits and hello tights and leggings.

I still shave my legs though since I bare my legs in hot yoga, on the trainer in bike shorts, and in the hot tub at home. I confess though that I’m less fastidious about it all. I have dry skin that’s no big fan of the cold weather and so I certainly shave less often than I do in the summer months.

Serious cyclists, male and female, shave legs for a variety of reasons. See some debate and discussion here.

Now if wind tunnel tests prove to be right, we ought to be shaving our arms as well. Read Specialized say that hair-free arms will save you time on the bike

How much faster? On their test volunteer, the result suggested a time saving…

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6 thoughts on “Body hair and winter months: Will the extra leg hair keep me warm? #tbt

  1. I don’t shave legs or pits or anything else any time of year, despite being a swimmer and a cyclist (not competitive). For me it is about being natural. I do go to an electrolysist to have hair removed from my face.


  2. Don’t need to shave….inherited from mother. While I’m getting older, no hair naturally. No kiddin’.

    I’ve never completely understood cycling guys shaving their legs.


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