OMG. Will I even make it? #217in2017, #PenguinofDetermination

I’m at 179. (Of 217 workouts that I’m aiming to complete in 2017.)

There are 53 days left in 2017.

I need to work out 38 times in 53 days which includes end of the university term and the holidays.

I like this “push to the finish” aspect of the 217 in 2017 challenge. For the past few years I’ve done a holiday season running streak starting on American Thanksgiving and going through until New Year. See My holiday run streak complete! and I might try streaking. 

That’s always put me over the magic number. But bad knee means no running right now. I’m barely walking.

Will I even make it? Luckily there’s upper body weights and abs and knee physio and I might stick my bike on the trainer.

I’m enjoying the Penguin of Determination right now.

3 thoughts on “OMG. Will I even make it? #217in2017, #PenguinofDetermination

    1. Well, physio clearly counts as exercising and likely I’ll be doing lots of that. So that’s good from a numbers perspective!

  1. I am just minutes ahead of you with 188, and was fully on track to make it until this complete slowdown in my energy levels. I think you are more likely to make it than I am! Time to renew the 2k/day runs streak I think.

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