Stress tracking and not screaming at my Garmin

As blog readers know I recently swapped my dying FitBit for an alive and well Garmin. Other than sturdy, I wasn’t expecting much difference between the two. Neither has a GPS. They both track sleep, exercise minutes, and heart rate.

Now the bossy MOVE! notifications bother me but it turns out that so too does the stress advice. See below reports for low, moderate, and high stress days.

How does this work? According to Garmin stress tracking mode gives you a score (1-100) and ranking (low/med/high) and monitors your stress levels constantly.

But for when I’m told that I’m experiencing too much stress my response is to yell or mutter at the Garmin.

Do you know there’s a category 5 hurricane out and about? You do realize, Donald Trump just threatened to blow up North Korea, right? And I have to sell my house and but a new one. And I have young adults in my life mid launch.

When it occurred Wednesday, the day I teach five hours, I just laughed. It has occurred to me that maybe a new Dean needs some help with stress management!

(I do have the option of removing this information from watch. You get to choose what you track and I like that.)

However, so far I’ve been refusing the Garmin’s offer of help. People who review the device like its stress relief prompts. My new watch also offers a stress cure, breathing exercises to calm you down.

Maybe I’ll try them.

Have you used a fitness tracking device that monitors stress? Do you like it? Do you use the exercises?

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