Running free: Tracy does a night run without gadgets and it’s liberating!

“Urban Night” by Eva Folks

Last week I had a setback one day — this happens in our line of work. We get literal “rejections” all the time. This was a big one that stung and made me feel professionally incompetent for a few hours.

Anita asked me what I was going to do to pamper myself later that day. I said I might go for a night run. Now, to some this may not seem like pampering. But it has been hot and I hadn’t managed to get out. To top it all off, I’d been at the dentist earlier that day (yeah: talk about a banner day! A rejection and two fillings!) and the freezing just hung on way beyond what seemed reasonable.

By the time my mouth un-numbed just after 9, and I was still in a bit of a funk, I threw on my running gear and was about to grab my Garmin Forerunner when a little voice inside said, “Leave it.” Then I reached for my Timex Ironman watch, thinking at least I could time myself if not track pace and mileage. But the little voice spoke again: “Leave that too.”

Out I went, just after dusk, with no gadgets (well, okay, I had my Pulse, but that’s because of the step challenge and I’m not about to forgo tracking steps that I’m going to get anyway).

Upshot: it was wonderful. I felt free and at peace. The night air was a perfect temperature and even after my planned route I didn’t want to come in. I ended up running around the block a few more times. 

How about you? Do you ever go night running? Do you ever run without gadgets? Have you ever done both at the same time?? 

One thought on “Running free: Tracy does a night run without gadgets and it’s liberating!

  1. I started as a night runner, actually. As a teen, I did most of my running around my neighborhood at night. I loved the sense of isolation and privacy. Glad you were able to find some peace in an unstructured run.

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