Snow dreams in summer

Hey, look a new bike!

A second new bike this summer. Both new to me but still, additions to the fleet. Except the fat bike isn’t really. I swapped my cx bike for it. (Actually Jeff swapped it. Thks Jeff!)

I liked riding the cx bike but never did race. The season is pretty short and I discovered that as long as the roads are clear I’d rather be riding my road bike. I blogged about that purchase here.

And when the roads aren’t clear, what’s​ on them? Snow and ice. In recent years the snow hasn’t been consistent enough for cross country skiing. But I’ve been enjoying fat biking. (See here.) Love the idea of commuting through the winter on the river side bike paths that aren’t cleared in the winter. Also, playing bikes in the winter in the park. (And yes, Chris I’ll still ride my road bike on the trainer. Promise.)

Fat biking photos from last winter and the winter before:

The other new to me bike is a Cervelo. I moved my Cannondale to Toronto for riding there. The Cervelo is my London bike now. It’s their aero road bike. While not a full on time trial bike it’s good for solo riding. And these days I’ve been doing more of that even though I don’t like it.

For a serious cyclist my fleet doesn’t seem too excessive. I’ve got a commuting (adventure road) bike, two actual road bikes, a fat bike, and a track bike. We used to set a household limit of 15 bikes between 5 family members. One isn’t a cyclist. And these days some of the young adults are moving out for periods of time so there is room in the household for more bikes.

Any other new bike dreams?

I’m still suffering from Brompton envy. Hi Catherine! Hi Alexis!

I even considered putting my $400 gift from Western (for 25 years service) towards the purchase of one. They even come in my school colours. Purple!

How about you? Any new bike dreams? What and why?