Dead of winter is past, bring on spring!

It’s official. Here in southern Ontario at least the worst of winter is over.

See Winter is leaving, for some of us, climatologist says.

It’s the dead of winter and — despite how ominous that might sound — the country’s top climatologist says that’s actually a good thing.

“I always think that should be a national holiday for people who are not big fans of winter,” said Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada.

The dead of winter is the point where there “is more winter behind us than ahead of us.

That point is calculated by noting the average temperature for every day of the year. On the day that average hits its lowest, we’ve hit the “bottom of the well.”

“Then it begins its slow, relentless rise to what we call the dog days of summer, which is the warmest moment statistically.”

This year it’s been the lack of light that’s been bothering me, more than the cold. See Toronto suffering through one of the grimmest months in years.  See also  Less than 50 hours of sunlight in Toronto for January. Environment Canada says that the city has only seen 48.8 hours of sunlight, compared to the seasonal average of 85 hours.

I’m looking forward to an early beach appreciation event here in Toronto. You can read about it here.

The third annual Winter Stations design competition winners have been unveiled. They’ll take over the city’s east end beaches starting on Family Day, Feb. 20.

The winning designs include a take on Japanese hot springs, modern lighthouses and suspended trees.

‘The Beacon’ was designed by Joao Araujo Sousa and Joanna Correia Silva from Porto, Portugal. (Winter Stations Design Competition)

“Visitors will be able to touch and feel their way along the beach, experiencing luminous shelter from the wind, warming waters for their feet, and designs that celebrate the Canadian nation of immigrants,” said Lisa Rochon, Winter Stations Design Jury Chair, in a press release.

winter station 4

But mostly I’m really looking forward to getting back on my bike!

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