Does protest marching count?

Amid all that’s happening in American politics, I can’t write a regular fitness blog post right now. I just can’t.

So here’s this.

Last weekend, Cate and I both listed our steps in the various women’s marches that were happening in the 217 in 2017 Facebook group. We joked about it but that felt right. It was movement that counted, that mattered.  See 217 in 2017: What counts?

Those marches felt good and the mood was really positive. Now I’m just sad and scared. Another of our regular bloggers asked on Facebook if there was a special category on her FitBit for protest marches.

Today there’s a protest outside the US Embassy in Toronto. You can read more about it here.

“Donald Trump is passing the most racist Executive Orders the world has seen in decades.

Refugees, many of them children, are trapped in airports and being turned back to a dangerous home.. because of their religion, their language, their skin colour.

For all those who believe in a compassionate world, the time to act is now.

This event is open to anyone. We are acting as allies, and not speaking on behalf of anyone, nor claiming to be a voice for this issue.

NOTE: This will be a peaceful non-disruptive gathering. We may do a very short-term symbolic “shut-down” of the building, to remind governments – all governments – that the public will not tolerate racist policies and will stand up. We are in touch with immigration advocates to ensure that we don’t disrupt any activities in the consulate that would harm those seeking assistance with visas and travel. LOCATION: University Avenue, just north of Queen, Nearest subway: Osgoode station.”

I’ll stop by. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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2 thoughts on “Does protest marching count?

  1. I’ve decided that it does count, because it’s becoming increasingly likely this will be an every-weekend activity and displacing other physical activity. Showing up and speaking up is more important to me than, say, getting a long run in on Saturday.

    I’m glad these marches are happening internationally as well! Especially with the attack in Quebec City, it’s more important than ever to stand with and support our Muslim neighbors.

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