Dreaming big? Sam’s plans and goals for 2017

Tracy and I agree about some things and disagree about others. We find common ground in doing what we love even if we love different things. We agree about ethical eating. We disagree about tracking and FitBits.

And mostly I’d say it’s not that we disagree about what’s right for the other person. More, it’s that we are very different people. Aside from sharing academic lives, our circumstances are pretty different too. So we share lots of principles, but our choices can be at odds.

Nowhere is that more evident than in planning. I tend to take on too much, shoot for the moon, and feel good if I get some of the way there. That stresses Tracy out and she does better with doing less. She’s blogged lots about the virtues of doing less. I’ve written about our different approaches to planning, here.

I described my approach to both exercise and writing this way: “In both cases I typically take on more than I can handle. If I have a slogan it’s not “do less” it’s more like “plan 10, do 8, and don’t feel too bad about the balls that get dropped.”

Okay. So I’ve fessed up as being a big planner. You know the sort of person who over promises and under delivers. Still the over promising me likes having big goals and lots of plans. And I rarely feel bad if I don’t do it all. That said, if I owe you a piece of writing, I’m sorry. Sabbatical starts January 1st and then I’m all writing (and exercising) all of the time.

In that spirit then what are my goals and plans for physical fitness in 2017?

A big challenge is my Toronto sabbatical. I suspect I’ll hang out some at Newsgirls, the boxing club. I’ll do some spinning with the bike rally people. And maybe poke my head in the door of a nearby to my sabbatical home Aikido dojo. Still to be worked out: the where and the when of weight lifting.

I promise to go axe throwing at least one more time.

I also plan to spend more time playing in the snow: cross country skiing, snow shoeing, fat biking, ice skating. All the snowy things.

I am also taking on a super big stretch challenge, something I’ve resisted my entire life, downhill skiing lessons. I was inspired by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, fellow cyclist, bike rally participant, and blogger. See Conquering imaginative fear: From cyclist to skier.

I also pledge to keep up riding on the trainer and then get an early start to the outdoor bike training for the 2017 bike rally.

There are also the usual events. May might be the 5 boro ride in New York if I succeed in registering, June is the Pride Run, early July is the Kincardine duathlon, and late July is the bike rally. August is the Three Port Tour.

But I’m thinking of adding the TriAdventure to the mix though I’m worried about the running bit. If I do both it will also be a bit of stretch fundraising since both the bike rally and the TriAdventure require significant fundraising.

What’s the TriAdventure? It’s Cate‘s baby. “The TriAdventure is not a typical triathlon. Our activities are not timed, and there are no prizes for finishing first. Our participants challenge themselves with the physical activities involved in the event, but are also challenged to raise over $1,200 for 51 vulnerable children in Kasese, Uganda who have been left without family support through poverty, HIV/AIDS or violence. The reward is knowing that your effort helps fund a program that begins with food, shelter and education and aims to help these children become self-sustaining citizens who contribute to a vibrant, diverse global community.”

Here’s another description: “Pump your body and soul this summer by training and fundraising for the annual TriAdventure; a 3 day event involving a 3km swim (or 15km run), 15km canoe, and 140km cycle. The money raised will support the Nikibasika Development Program, which provides a home and long-term education for orphaned and vulnerable youth in Kasese, Uganda. Our focus is to help these young adults become self-sustaining leaders in their communities. Each participant is supported with formal education beyond secondary school, and more important, with leadership development, career guidance, global and human rights awareness. Each young person also participates in a team where they create and lead a community-development project that helps people in need in their local area.”

Wish me luck!

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  1. Thanks for the plug for the triadventure sam — please join us all of you. Physically doable and such a profound sense of community!!!!

  2. Whoo-hoo, another skier in the making! Two resources for inspiration and advice: the Ski Diva website ( and a book called A Conversation with Fear by Mermer Blakeslee.

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