You can do it!: Saying goodbye to 2016

2016 hasn’t been a great year. Aside from the deaths of the famous celebrities who’ve been with me almost all of my life (RIP Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman and others) there was also the death of my academic mentor, Sandra Bartky. See Saying goodbye to Sandra Bartky (1935-2016).

Along the way, I also said goodbye to two old friends from my student newspaper days. Goodbye Gerry Porter.  Goodbye Peter Kavanagh. The year before it was two old friends from high school. It’s part of what’s hard about getting older, all the goodbyes. Life is so very short. I’m feeling particularly fragile these days.

And there was the US election. (See Tracy’s post about that here.)

So I don’t know about you, and I know we can’t blame the year itself, 2016 isn’t actually killing people, but I am ready to say goodbye to 2016. I’m working on my plans for 2017 which will involve thinking about the things I can do to make this world a better place, to make good use of the too few years we all have. I also want to kick that fragile feeling in the pants and work on feeling a bit more super hero, a little less scared, a little more prepared for the apocalypse.

Holding my breath and counting down…

3 thoughts on “You can do it!: Saying goodbye to 2016

  1. I did not have the worst year *personally* in 2016 but not did this year soar… and the zeitgeist? Sigh. Also ready to wrap this up and turn a page.

    And again Sam I’m so sorry for your loss of Sandra.

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