Doing a little instead of a lot: go for it!

seedling_tray_damping_off-jpg-560x0_q80_crop-smartOne of my favourite recurring themes on the blog since Sam and I started at it in 2012 is about taking small steps. I was reminded of this again this week as my triathlon swim group started up again after a month off (well, a month for them, two months for me).

Instead of throwing us into the ring right away with a killer set (despite that she could have taken advantage of one of my lane mate’s 59th birthday), Gabbi our coach kept us busy with drills designed to remind us of (and improve our awareness of) our position in the water. Though we did in fact do these drills for almost 90 minutes, this approach falls into the category of starting small and doing less than you think you should — break it down, do the basics of kicking, arm and hand position, head position, body position, timing…focus on precision over speed.

In honor of starting small and doing less, I thought I’d gather together a bunch of our posts that riff on this lovely and manageable theme (definitely, as you will see from this list, I reaffirm my commitment to “doing less” often!):

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