Weekly goals, California convertibles, and sand between my toes at Dog Beach

Do you set weekly goals? On my Garmin I’ve set a weekly running goal of 10 km. I’m aiming for two short speedy (for me) runs during the week and a longer run of 5 km on the weekend.

My riding goals are a bit more ambitious. I aim for 150 km a week. If I ride with Coach Chris Tuesday and Thursday that’s 90 km. My commute is about 50 km a week. And then I do a long ride on the weekend either witha bike club or with friends and family. So on good weeks I’m well over.

This week not so much! Thanks to work travel I’m 100 km shy of my cycling goal. And 4.4 km short of my running goal.

I’m in San Diego for work and my hotel is just 2 miles from Ocean Beach, aka the Dog Beach. My friend Lori drove me there today from the University of San Diego campus in her snazzy BMW convertible.

The Original Dog Beach in San Diego, CA is nationally famous and one of the first official leash-free beaches in the United States. It is a landmark in the community of Ocean Beach at the end of I-8 at the mouth of the San Diego River. Dog Beach is a special place where people and pets, beach lovers and surfers celebrate the spirit of Ocean Beach, one of Southern California’s last true beach towns.


It was the perfect break from meeting rooms, new people, and hard ideas. Instead we got our feet wet, met lots of friendly dogs, and walked through the warm sand.

I’m not a car person but the drive in the convertible was fun too. I found out that I’m a convertible novice. I tried to leave my jacket on the back seat. Thanks Lori for rescuing it.

Next time, I think I’ll run there. Because beautiful city and lovely smart philosophers, I’ll definitely be back.

50.1 / 150 km

  • 1h 58m
  • 168 m


5.6 / 10 km

  • 0h 45 m
  • 0 m



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  1. I do, but they are just regular-activity goals. I track my hours per week of exercise most closely. My activities vary by season, so there’s no specific mileage goal involved. Occasionally (a few times a year), I participate in activity-specific challenges that last a week to a month or so.

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