Manicure camp for girls, sports for boys. Because it’s 1957.

Blog reader spotted this and wrote this!

Buzzfeed Canada picked up the story and as of press time, Dovercourt had pulled its recreation guide and Richmond Hill announced they would “review” their programming. Feminism FTW!]

Queer Femme Mama

Apparently the city of Richmond Hill, Ontario seems to think their summer camps belong in another era. They are offering “Boyz Rule” camp, featuring extreme sports, including roller skating, biking and skateboarding. The “girlz” on the other hand, get to partake in such womanly activities as manicures, colouring and cooking. I kid you not.


When my friend Audra posted this on Twitter last night, it started a bit of a shit storm. It seemed totally anachronistic to be teaching girls how to be perfect, passive housewives in 2016. Surely this had to be an anomaly. Richmond Hill must the only suburb stuck in the dark ages.

Sadly, it’s not. Turns out that the Dovercourt Recreation Centre in Ottawa is offering similar programming geared to 10-13 year-old children. Girls get to learn about “keeping fit” and “making healthy” snacks.” Boys on the other hand, get to attend a camp that…

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4 thoughts on “Manicure camp for girls, sports for boys. Because it’s 1957.

  1. I know Richmond Ontario. I have a cousin live there and she’s tough, living alone and rocking it. I’m from Mumbai India and we go to camps wildlife camps, river rafting camps and of course the EVEREST base camp. 😀


  2. Best camp my kids ever went to was girls only. It was a skipping camp and they were active all day. They loved it because the counsellors did not have to spend all day disciplining the boys or waiting in line for the boys to settle down.


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