First 50 workouts down!

In Checking in with my Facebook fitness friends, I wrote about a couple of ‘fitness encouragement and accountability’ groups I’d joined.

216 in 2016 is based on the following simple idea: “In 2016 there are 365 days. We are going to challenge ourselves to workout 216 times in those 365 days.”

WHY: (1) Consistently doing deliberate exercise is one of the most important factors in developing good health and fitness. (2) Choosing to complete a workout or not is something we can control.

HOW: (1)Workouts are defined as any form of deliberate exercise/movement. Some example are, lifting weights, doing gymnastic, a CrossFit WOD, a hike in the great outdoors, practicing a martial art or yoga. Taking a dance class or playing rec softball with the folks from work. (2) Use a spreadsheet, a habit tracking app, or a notebook and give yourself a check mark for every workout you complete.

I’ve been enjoying it and I was happy to mark the my first milestone, 50 workouts. That’s 50 in 3 months, x 4 is 200, and that leaves me just 16 shy of the goal. I do a lot more in the summer though so I’m not worried.

Here’s my first 50 of 2016.

50. 30 km bike ride
49. Random indoor exercising, treadmill, rowing machine, abs, weights
48. 90 minutes Aikido
47. Run 3 km
46. Urban bike ride, 40 km
45. Ride bike 60 km, first outdoor road ride of 2016
44. Aikido
43. Hot yoga
42.Dog jogging!
41. Treadmill run plus hotel gym weights
40. Aikido!
39. Boxing
39. Fat biking


38. Dog jog, 5 km
37. 90 min bike trainer class
36. 45 spin class, Friends for Life Bike Rally
35. 90 min bike trainer class
34. Aikido
33. 1 mile run
32. Hot yoga
31. Fat biking
30. Lead bike trainer class
29. 90 minute bike trainer class
28. 2 hours cross country skiing and hiking
27. 45 minutes on bike trainer while watching Netflix. Some days you do what you can
26. Aikido! Or as our sensei called it today, origami with people.
25. Two hour trainer class at MEC
24. Hot yoga
23. Bike trainer class
22. 1 hour snow shoe hike with hills!
21. 2 hour cross country ski
20. 2 hour fat bike lesson, riding in the snow!
19.  90 minute bike trainer class
18. 90 bike trainer
17. Dog jog!
16. Aikido
15. Skating in park
14. Boxing
13. Aikido
12. Bike trainer class
11. 2 km erg, abs, weights
10. Dog jog
9. Aikido
8. Run 1 mile
7. Bike trainer class
6. Bike trainer class
5. Aikido
4. Weights
3. Aikido
2. Bike trainer
1. Dog jog!

4 thoughts on “First 50 workouts down!

  1. Congrats. That sounds like a cool challenge. I know tracking motivates you a lot and it’s not my thing but I do like the idea of keeping track of workouts in that way. Thanks for the update!

  2. And now, 51! A two hour boxing class at Newsgirls in Toronto the night before my flight to San Francisco. Tired arms and shoulders but the flight will be a good rest.

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