On Surprising Ourselves #tbt

This “Throwback Thursday” post about surprising ourselves seems like a good companion to today’s post about Thrills. It also takes me back to a time when it was summer, I was on the boat, the pace of life was more relaxed, and I wasn’t even 50 yet! Enjoy!

Fit Is a Feminist Issue


I’ve been living on our sailboat up in the North Channel (that’s Lake Huron, north of Manitoulin Island) for nearly a month. The weather is changeable and when you are on the water all the time you need to have your wits about you. It’s a big lake known for heavy weather, even in the relative shelter of the North Channel.

The other night we’d just finished a late dinner in a beautiful anchorage and were about to nestle in with my step-daughter and her friend to watch a movie. We looked out the window and saw very dark clouds making their way towards us. I checked the weather and sure enough there was a squall watch and warning for the area, with winds gusting to about 40 knots. That’s big wind, especially in a crowded anchorage (there were probably about 25 boats that night) that is not all that…

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Writer, feminist, vegan, triathlete, sailor, philosopher, sometimes knitter.

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