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Another (seasonal) gendered bike joke!

Recently I blogged about bike jokes that almost always seem to feature male cyclists. Here’s another:

Husband and Wife Christmas Shopping


A couple were in a busy shopping center just before Christmas. The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing and as they had a lot to do, so she called him on the mobile.
The wife said “Where are you, you know we have lots to do.”
He said “You remember the jewelers we went into about 10 years ago, and you fell in love with that diamond necklace? I could not afford it at the time and I said that one day I would get it for you?”
Little tears started to flow down her cheek and she got all
choked up…
“Yes, I do remember that shop.” she replied.
“Well I am in the bike shop next door to that.”

I laughed too when this came across my Facebook newsfeed just now.

But I wonder, can we redo these jokes with female cyclists or do they rely too much on other gender stereotypes? The overly emotional wife who loves jewelry, for example.

Suggestions, ideas for jokes about cyclists and our love of bike shops that don’t rely on husband/wife humour?

One thought on “Another (seasonal) gendered bike joke!

  1. I am a bit befuddled by these male-gendered jokes that prefer bikes over women. I get the misognyst slant. But honest, it doesn’t happen between myself and dearie. WE both love going to bike shops whenever we are tourists somewhere in another city /region/country. He’s a long time cyclist like myself.

    3 days ago, my partner did ask why I was looking at an online catalogue of bikes for a local bike store. I just said: “I’m salivating for another bike. I just love to look”. 🙂 So we looked at a few bikes together, wondering which models would fit my petite height. All fun window online shopping. I don’t intend to get another bike for another few years. I have 4 bikes across 2 cities, with a 5th bike I’ve given to a sister to keep/use in 3rd city. I actually use it whenever I visit family in Toronto.

    I can’t think of a sarcastic, patronizing bike joke to kick out my cycling partner. Because …we think alike on cycling matters!

    My response to these jokes by a stranger-male cyclist would be: I love going to bike stores. My partner and I do buy cycling gifts for one another. I actually would want a good bike over a diamond ring.

    ARe there many women here like me? A gift of transportation, health and fun….

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