New year, new goals?


I don’t make New Year’s resolutions generally. I’m an academic and so January 1st feels like midyear to me. Now, September, that’s the start of a new year.

But I like the idea of mini goals. See Jeff Galloway’s suggestions here.

I like the focus on things you can control, like this one: “In the last five to 10 minutes of your run, do something pleasant like looping twice around a beautiful block. Running bestows a sense of joy, so take advantage of such moments.”

I also like the idea of reviewing the year that was and planning ahead. I’m looking forward to the Pride Run and Kincardine (this time not a month after surgery!) and to the Bike Rally. (Please sponsor me here.)

I want to do another Algonquin adventure, maybe two even.

But what else? The Lakeside duathlon maybe. Maybe. If I stay running happily and avoid injury. Maybe a big bike ride, the MEC Century for sure, but possible also the The Three Port Tour and the Southwest Challenge.

What are your big events/races/adventures next season? 

4 thoughts on “New year, new goals?

  1. Swimming every weekday morning until April and completing Brighton 1.5km jetty swim in Feb. Adelaide half marathon in August and notching up 50 parkruns by the end of the year. Regular commuting and long Sunday rides on the bike. Then, next summer, triathlons – (yay) My long term goal is a half Ironman, but the main goal is to enjoy the process and challenge of getting fit… again.- and to stay healthy while doing it!!! No exercising myself into a Mariana-esque fatigue trench… again.

    1. I should add – sport for me is 50% physical fitness and 50% mental fitness. The 3 or so years where I couldn’t really exercise consistently due to illness was terrible mental health wise. Sport is my social connection, even more so in a new city.

  2. I don’t like to make New Years Resolutions either. I like to give myself a time limit on what ever goal I have. Knowing you want or need to set a goal then waiting to pursue it makes no sense. I say just do it anytime a year and make a date that you plan on achieving that goal.

  3. I stopped making NY resolutions too. Planning my next adventures, and training for them, is a year-round thing. One day’s as good as any other to dream big and get the ball rolling!
    That said, Happy New Year to everyone. May you all grow and prosper.

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