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Being kind and owning my choices 

I signed up for a workplace wellness program that is simply a weightloss program. This week the coach asked us to set a goal for the holidays.  I decided to commit to being active over the holidays and to be compassionate to myself over my food choices. 

Whatever your fitness goals are the holidays can be a boon or a burden. Travel, unusual schedule and celebrations that orbit around food, at the very least life is not the usual daily grind. 

My partner has been cycling a lot over his vacation time. Up until today I was running about, hitting 12,000 steps on Christmas Eve running errands, cooking and wrapping presents. I was shocked how many steps a shopping trip can have!

I’m choosing to have some wine, enjoy great food and spend time with friends. I’m also walking the dogs for an hour every day and getting a run or bike ride in. I’m giving myself the gift of being kind to myself and owning my choices. Some days that’s having alcohol, others a kale smoothie and I’m not beating myself up over it. 

It’s a pretty sweet place to be in on Boxing Day. I’m hoping to go for a bike ride with friends if the weather holds, otherwise it’s indoor spinning. 

I hope you are getting support for your choices and goals however you are spending the holidays!


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