Is all the big booty praise body positive?

I don’t know why friends send me these links. (Okay, I do.)

See Women with bigger butts give birth to smarter kids
and more recently, New study shows women with bigger butts have bigger brains.

And while of course I like praise of my particular shape, it’s not necessarily a body positive message.

See Booty positive isn’t body positive.

Ultimately people aren’t that much in charge of their shape, size, and fat distribution. I’m not a fan of comparing shapes and sizes. You do you!

3 thoughts on “Is all the big booty praise body positive?

  1. Haha for women who traditionally have a big butt (african american women and women of color) it works out well! We have fought long and hard to accept our bodies.

  2. I would hate to have a big booty. Shows you how much I follow trends. It is true hat Ko says about women of colour having beautiful , natural butts with embrace what we are born with. My partner loves my butt. I hate it but I’m starting to love it because he loves every inch of me. Even my boobs and I love every inch of him.

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