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Testing athletes for “too much” testosterone shows how inadequate the sex binary really is, #tbt

Tracy on whether testing athletes for testosterone makes any sense…


As if elite women athletes don’t suffer enough indignities just from media coverage, journalists who would rather see them twirl than ask about their tennis game, and being either hyper-sexualized or having their sex and sexuality challenged and questions. No, that’s not enough. Because people are so convinced that women have more limited athletic potential than men, even at the elite level, women who do excel must prove that they do not have “too much testosterone.”

Caster Semenya knows all about this type of challenge. In 2011 her fellow athletes challenged her accomplishments by questioning her sex. This led to mandatory sex testing, and the whole thing was handled badly. Initially banned from competition, Semenya has since been allowed to return. But her treatment left a permanent mark, and the major governing bodies in international sport, including the International Olympic Committee, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association and the International…

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