Early Autumn. Can There Be a More Perfect Time of Year?

Early AutumnLast night the temperature dropped in that way that creates that autumn chill in the early morning.  It may be a bit dark, but it’s perfect, absolutely perfect weather for running, walking, cycling, just about any activity you might want to do outdoors.

I go past one tree on my new route to work and it’s the only tree on the whole route that is flaming red. Everything else is just starting to turn, a bit of orange here, some red there.

That chill in the air is kind of comforting and a little bit sad because we know what’s around the corner. But for the time that it lingers, maybe the next 4-6 weeks or so, it’s easily my favourite time of year.

I know that spring is similar, and some would even say it’s a happier season because it’s a time of renewal. But spring can’t rival the brilliance of fall colours and the warmth of the meals that come from a fall harvest.  I think too that we savour the autumn weeks in a way we don’t savour spring. With summer following on its heels, spring is just a beginning. But with winter closing in, the fall is somehow precious.

I just love it! And I look forward to this short and perfect running season before winter bears down on us.

What’s your favourite time of year? And why?

7 thoughts on “Early Autumn. Can There Be a More Perfect Time of Year?

  1. Although I love summer, early fall is also my favourite time of year. The slight chill in the air means sweaters. The fall colours are amazing to photograph and fall foods are some of my favourite (butternut squash and what can top an apple picked fresh from the tree?) Yes, this is a time of year to be enjoyed ☺

  2. I love fall – it is easily my favorite season! The bright colors and cool air make me want to be outdoors. But I also love early winter, so I look forward to the first snow of the year as well.

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year because of the perfect weather, the harmony in the skies and the air, and the season for reaping the harvest.

  4. I still love summer best. It’s freeing not to worry about layers or chills. I even find it liberating to get sweaty and uncaring about appearance. We can throw ourselves into the water with the excuse that it’s hot, and it’s hard to fret too much how we look coming out, hair plastered, no make-up, it’s great. Life’s a bit more casual. A salad or an ice-cream cone can be a meal. Last, I feel more active in summer. Fall incurs sleepy feelings, a tougher time getting out of bed in the morning, more naps and baking.

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