Buy the damn bike (snow shoes, dress, whatever…)


We’ve bought a lot of new bikes around this place! And we’ve blogged lots about it too.

Here’s our new bike stories:

I might have missed some. Let me know if I have!

Now bikes aren’t cheap and I know not everyone can afford to just “buy the damn bike.” And if finances are the issue, I understand. But so many women tell me they’re waiting until they get fit, or get thin, or do something to deserve the new bike, that I get worried. You don’t need to deserve the bike (or the dress, or the snow shoes). Take pleasure in movement now whatever your size, shape, or activity level.

In the same spirit, I’ve been posting to Facebook recently about teaching in my fancy shoes, my beautiful Fluevogs, rather than saving them (for what?). A few friends chimed in about wearing their cocktail dresses to work. And I get that. Life is precious and short. Use the good china. Wear the party dresses. And just buy the bike!






7 thoughts on “Buy the damn bike (snow shoes, dress, whatever…)

  1. AMEN!!! nailed it! I hear, when I get fit I’m gonna join the gym or do this and that. I’m over here, “just do it!!”
    If you put off everything you want to do because you don’t think you are good enough, nothing will ever get done. breaks my heart and pisses me off at the same time.
    Same with having kids, no one is ever financially ready for kids. I guess you could wait until retirement at 65-70 if you are lucky but that would make for a busy retirement.

  2. This is so true. I and so many other women/people I know should just “Buy the damn bike!” Tomorrow is not promised. We should love ourselves where we are right here today. Tomorrow is not promised. It’s just like freshmen year in college you could point out a thousand flaws in yourself and find at-least ten pounds in ten places you wanted to lose. But then once you hit 30 you pray for the body you had back then. Treat yourself now and live your best life right now.

  3. Have a keeness for a bicycle at the age of 45, one of those sit up and beg types with a basket and just a few gears – maybe an old Raleigh or something. Used to love cycling when younger, and now, really like the thought of getting fitter and enjoying the fresh air, rather than being reliant on the car. I will have to investigate 🙂

  4. Buying a 2nd, 3rd bike is not like buying a car. The investment is less, ride it several times per month, loan it to a house guest, relative, etc.

  5. Totally agree! Bike can change the way you live. Living in London, I spare myself a dreadful underground commute every day by cycling. This has positively influenced the level of energy I have at work and the level of energy I have when I get back home. Not to mention the financial savings thanks to not using public transport. Buy the damn bike! (Karolina from TruminSports)

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