Buy the damn bike (snow shoes, dress, whatever…)


We’ve bought a lot of new bikes around this place! And we’ve blogged lots about it too.

Here’s our new bike stories:

I might have missed some. Let me know if I have!

Now bikes aren’t cheap and I know not everyone can afford to just “buy the damn bike.” And if finances are the issue, I understand. But so many women tell me they’re waiting until they get fit, or get thin, or do something to deserve the new bike, that I get worried. You don’t need to deserve the bike (or the dress, or the snow shoes). Take pleasure in movement now whatever your size, shape, or activity level.

In the same spirit, I’ve been posting to Facebook recently about teaching in my fancy shoes, my beautiful Fluevogs, rather than saving them (for what?). A few friends chimed in about wearing their cocktail dresses to work. And I get that. Life is precious and short. Use the good china. Wear the party dresses. And just buy the bike!





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