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Memories: On winning a bike race and leaving Australia

Facebook tells me that I had a big day, seven years ago.

On this day, seven years ago I won a bike race and packed to come home from Australia.

Samantha Brennan, “won a bike race today (a crit).”

My friend writes, “Nice crit victory – rode away from the grade, passed the next grade and took all the points (just as well she’s going home else it would be up a grade or two for you girl!). Safe travels.”

Another friends writes: “Congratulations to the crit victory! That’s a really nice way of finishing your time here in Canberra!”

Next status update from me. Samantha Brennan “is boxing her bike, sigh, after a fun race this afternoon.”

(Do you remember when status updates weren’t in first person?)

I think my bike wanted to stay in Australia (and move up a grade!)

I miss that place!

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