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Another happy fat guy in a speedo, this time dancing!


When I first wrote about men and their comfort on the beach, and how I feared that was changing a number of you sent me the Whatever’s Comfortable ad. I loved it.

Then I wrote more about men in bathing suits, bathing socks really, here.

A new person sent me the Whatever’s Comfortable ad and so prompted a third post. I said a little more about men and bathing suits. See here.

Never let it be said that our readers aren’t into sharing because next a blog reader sent me this video, a non-normatively bodied man dancing in a bathing suit, looking happy and not at all ashamed.

Love it.

But again, do you think it would work with a woman?

If you come across a video featuring a fat woman in a bathing suit, where she’s comfortable in her own skin and the point of the video isn’t to mock her, just let me know.

There’s also some men and bathing suit links, if you’re interested:

And as evidence the world is changing and that men are being fat shamed too, I offer up this ad. Sigh.


5 thoughts on “Another happy fat guy in a speedo, this time dancing!

  1. Might take a long time for broad public “acceptance”.
    What has gained greater acceptance in North America in past few decades: is seeing pregnant women with their tummies completely bared.


    1. It might be more common for women to bare their pregnant bellies, but we’re expected to cover them back up after the baby is here, unless it’s completely flat again. Isn’t that strange that we’re okay with a huge and stretched stomach as long as someone is living inside of it, but not okay with a large stomach without someone inside of it or a stretched skin stomach once the skin is not taut?


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