Apple, that’s awful. CARROT is a very very bad idea.

What’s Carrot?

A judgemental calorie counting app. Because we’re not harsh enough on ourselves, I guess. Now you can buy extra harshness.

Seems that it launched just in time for Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

From their website:  “Hilarious A.I. construct CARROT has scienced up a new strain of calorie counter. Not only will the omniscient supercomputer tell you what you’re consuming in terms your puny brain can actually comprehend, but she’ll also warn you that you’re approaching your daily calorie goal if you open the fridge. And if you dare to overindulge, she will punish you financially, aesthetically, and socially. ”

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From the product reviews:

I have been using a photo diet journal to record my food intake. But CARROT is better. She makes snarky comments when calorie intake gets higher than she deems appropriate, and I wouldn’t recommend her to anyone with an eating disorder. But using this app is like having someone always looking over your shoulder, questioning your food choices. When paired with the CARROT exercise app, both CARROTS will comment on your foot intake – and believe me, the diet app is by far the nicer of the two. The exercise app will say things like “Why don’t you just eat the kitchen sink, too?” whereas this app will become deeply disappointed and appoint a robot to hunt you down…wait, maybe that makes her the evil one…anyway, if it’s tough love you seek, CARROT is the perfect snarky foodie companion. If I were to criticize, I could wish there was a way to declare a pre-designated cheat day, and that I might get positive comments about some food groups, like veggies, while the rudest comments were reserved for high-calorie treats – but CARROT takes the perspective that a calorie is a calorie, and since that’s apparently how my body sees it as well, I’m not complaining. She’s the helper I love to hate!

Tracy and I have both written about tracking food. I love it, she doesn’t. But neither of us like this! (Actually we haven’t talked but I know that Tracy will hate this much as I do.)

I checked my Samsung phone. So far no Android version available. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Thanks AEG for sharing this with us. I might have more to say later, but for now, GRRRR. It’s been a long day.

Here’s the trailer:

4 thoughts on “Apple, that’s awful. CARROT is a very very bad idea.

  1. I just won’t be downloading this one! I also think that people like to use reasons like “But in a world filled with processed foods..” or “But with the obesity epidemic…” or “But with our tendency to overeat…” as justifications for (unhealthy) restrictive measures, and it makes me sad. We are not actually out of control monsters who will devour every cookie in sight if we don’t beat ourselves up and tell ourselves we’re fat.

  2. This is just Stepford wife sick stuff. Pinch me. It is 2015, right? Sad.

  3. Hahaha. Not getting this for sure. My clothes tell me all I need to know. They grip and hug at the wrong places and threaten to rip if I don’t lose the extra weight. And since I vowed no new clothes, they win every time. Thanks, but it is no to CARROT App.

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