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My first time spinning on Ethel (Guest post)

So I have a new bike (squee!!!!) and I got to show her off to a bunch of friends last weekend. Our bike room is a mess but who cares? You get to meet Ethel, my new love. She’s locked into the trainer and I spun for 25 minutes today just getting the feel for the gears and shifting up on the handle bars, no more old school shifting for me. There is TRIM and clipping in and out, lots to learn. So my son took this photo of me spinning:

I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase with Ethel but it is a beautiful feeling. The front tire is on a knitting book to bring her level and I have a fan to oscillate along my body, I heat up really fast. So here’s to much winter spinning and a long honeymoon with Ethel!