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It’s that time of year. On the work front, it’s lots of grading, academic meetings, and writing letters of recommendation

On the social front, lots and lots going on too. I’m always looking for fun, healthy treats to bring to parties as we approach Christmas. I’m not much of a cook. I do bake but the stuff I make, like
The Best Pumpkin Muffins, with dark chocolate chips, tends to pale besides all those Christmas cookies and squares. So when these cute fruit creations passed through my news feed on Facebook, I thought that I’d found an answer, adorable fruit.

I can do this!

What do you bring to holiday parties?







From Stylish Eve on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Cute Fruit

  1. I have to say that I haven’t done any baking for social parties outside of home /family in the past 15 years. But I’ve done chocolate orange cheesecake brownies, chocolate banana oatmeal cookies as my easy go-to desserts.

    I did bring a stir fried butternut squash for a workplace luncheon a few years ago. Actually easy and delicious …and no need for sugar because stir frying carmelizes the squash naturally. About 50% of it got eaten amongst 15 people. So people didn’t really “understand” what they were looking at.

    It actually surprised me how “conservative” /unwilling these people were willing to try new stuff. And these are pleasant people to work with. Mixed gender.

    So I’ve brought tangerines, small Middle Eastern phyllo pastries (we have a wholesale baker in town that ships to whole of Western Canada.), rice crackers, cheese or a roasted pepper dip. (Hummus is getting boring in the big cities…)

    I do make an easy sundried tomato and mushroom couscous that is great for luncheons.

    One thing I have noticed is that in the past 4 years where I work (govn’t) the people in our division over 300 employees (out of 14,000 employees. Yea big organization.), increasingly are choosing to eat less sweet desserts and less people joining in on our monthly pizza lunch. I would say 50% less people. We have a social club that organizes these monthly at work lunch events. For Hallowe’en, several employees brought their own lunch and studiously ignored the array of several desserts @ a common table less than 5 ft. away — for small token amounts of money –$2,00 or $1.00 per item.

    It’s actually a shame. Because eating some shared food together is part of socializing.

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