Saying goodbye to some of my favorite foods


And no, not for diet reasons. Don’t be silly.

And it’s not because I think some foods are evil. We’re not like that around here. See Why Food Is Beyond “Good” and “Evil”

Instead, it’s our planet I’m worried about and the way our farming practices and our changing climate is affecting our food supply. Some of my friends have been pointing fingers and shaking heads in disbelief that it’s only now some of our favourite foods are in danger that people are waking up to the reality of our changing planet and our role in bringing this mess about.

You can see my Desert island grocery list. And here’s some of the foods in danger:





Also chocolate and cherries. More on the upcoming chocolate crisis here. (Tracy will be okay. She’s already broken up with chocolate.)

But me? Chocolate and coffee in danger? Yikes!

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3 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to some of my favorite foods

  1. I’m not ready to break up with any of them, but I may have to rethink that. I don’t think I can break up with chocolate though. It falls under a necessary food group for me. 😉

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