Booty positive isn’t body positive


It’s the year of the booty, the bottom, the buttocks, the butt…or whatever you call it. It’s a sign that I’ve lived in too many different countries that I never quite know which of the b words to use.

Blah blah blah.

In the world of popular culture, it’s all about that bass.

In the world of fitness and women’s bodies, it’s all about squats and dead lifting.

CrossFit has had an influence on women’s appearance goals and there’s lots that’s positive about “strong is the new skinny.” I love that lots more women are lifting heavy weights and that the panic about looking muscular seems to have gone away. I just wish we’d focus on strength as performance rather than strength as appearance, aka visible abs.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of muscular bodies. As a matter of personal preference I’ll take brawny of any gender over gaunt. But that’s me.

Moving beyond personal preference, I recognize you can’t tell strength from shape. Just like you can’t judge how much a person exercises from their BMI, you can’t tell how strong a person is by their size. Rebecca Kukla, for example, is pretty small and pretty strong. I envy the weights she lifts.

Likewise, some people look muscular but aren’t strong. They’re just lucky on the appearance front but it’s not the result of strength training.

So, one more time, you can’t judge fitness…strength or endurance….on the basis of the way someone looks.

You can’t actually tell on the basis of the bodies below who runs and who squats.


4 thoughts on “Booty positive isn’t body positive

  1. That image gets a double thumbs-down from me for not only making an assumption about the women in it, but also referring to them as “females”. Uurrrgh.

  2. Agreed. I’ve been a personal trainer for 10+ years now. I’ve been weight training in various forms for 19 years now. I still don’t have cut arms like I’d like, but I think that’s just genetics. I’ve gotten up to the point where I could curl 35lb dumbbells, but still not the definition I was looking for. You can’t tell anything by the way anyone looks.

  3. As Wheezie from Dragon Tales says, LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IIIIIITTTT! I #squat as much as those models, maybe less, but my butt will likely be the same shape whether it shrinks or I add weights to my squatting. And I don’t give a bother about it because I squat to have strong legs, not a Kardashian tush. And didn’t I mention the “not judging a book by its cover” old saying we are taught in school applies to determining via butt shape who regularly integrates squats in workouts? About time we’d reschool EVERYONE on this!

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