Bad knee news

Phrases you don’t want to read about your knees: high grade cartilage degradation.

Sigh. I was hoping the MRI would give me good news.

But hoping doesn’t make it so.

On the other side of things, my knee actually feels fine, which is a little weird. My doctor said, given the MRI results, and how bad they were that she expected to see me in pain, unable to do my usual activities. I told her I rode my bike 1300 kms in July and that I’d been back to running (slowly, not far) for a couple of months. She was surprised.

Thanks physio!

Part of me wishes I didn’t have this information. My knee feels great so I nearly cancelled the scheduled MRI. But I work near the university hospital so I’m on their short call list, the list of people who can get there in under 15 minutes to take any unexpectedly available time slots. The other day they called and now I know. Poor knee, poor me.

Now off to sports medicine specialists to see what the long term prognosis is and whether running is advised at all.

And on the bright side, biking is just fine.


7 thoughts on “Bad knee news

  1. Well crap, this is not the news you were looking for at all. I look forward to hearing what your finely honed brain does with this new information over the next few months. It will no doubt mean even more exciting activities!

  2. Hey, Sam, so sorry to hear this. Biking and swimming though I’m willing to bet will be absolutely fine. I don’t know if they’ll want you to undergo any repair procedures or treatments. But please be careful, Sam – you have to protect the cartilage from further degeneration. Unfortuantely, this really isn’t one you can ignore even if your knee feels fine right now. But I get the sense that you are extremely strong and tackle problems head on! As Natalieh says, you’ll likely find even more exciting activities to partake in.

  3. Maybe we can be aqua-bike duathlon buddies, Sam! I’ve made peace with my hip and not running, and the good news has been that without the joint impact load of regular runs I’m fine for pretty much everything else. There is light!

  4. So sorry to hear this. I think sometimes the mind knows better than the drs. If your body feels okay to do something, maybe it’s just learning to function in a new way?

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