Biking more than 1300 kms in a month


I looked at my Garmin this month in shock. I think this is the most I’ve ever ridden in one month. Guess that’s what happens when you do a cycling holiday at the start of the month, a charity cycling tour at the end, and ride lots with friends and commute by bike in the middle.

Frankly I wasn’t sure I’d get much riding in. It’s been a long year of loss. See Death changes everything. But then my partner decided that cycling was a good form of grief therapy. That worked for me too.

For those of you interested in the weight loss angle on riding lots, I did lose weight. I’m now back to what I was when I ended the year of nutrition counseling, down about fifteen pounds from when I started the “fittest by fifty” challenge. See my account of regaining it here. Will I keep it off? We’ll see. I’ll try. Riding that much certainly isn’t sustainable and weight isn’t the reason I did it. Maybe if I keep trying eventually I’ll be a weight loss unicorn!

I didn’t change my views about ultra long distance cycling events. (My friend Dave did one recently which he rode 1000 km in 72 hours, plus an additional 400 km getting to the start then home again) I’m not tempted by riding that much in a day but I am happy to have ridden this much in one month. Winters here are long and bad so we need to get lots of cycling in when we can.

Here’s how it works out:

1. Vacation on Manitoulin Island, approx 350 km

2. Bike commute to work, 12 days at 15 km, 180 km

3. Five days of the Friends for Life Bike Rally, 500 km

4. Tracy’s epic bike ride to Port Stanley, 110 km

5. Various weekday rides with friends, 3 at 60 km, 180 km

That will definitely be the high point for the season. Once the university year starts back in September there’ll be no more long weekday rides. Until the early dark hits I’ll get out after work, then just bike commuting and long weekend rides. But that’s okay. It gives me a bench mark for next year. I also love fall riding best of all. Beautiful colours, cooler temperatures, and lots of leftover summer fitness! See Reasons to start riding in the fall.

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  1. I’m envious of your mileage! Let us know how the transition to fall goes with all that fitness in the bank. An ankle fracture has really slowed me down for 7 weeks, but you’re reminding me of how great fall (and cx) riding is. Thanks!

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