A work week without exercise and weekend warrior syndrome


Despite my own advice, start as you mean to continue, I didn’t actually manage it this year.

Instead, for the first week of the academic year  I morphed into that dreaded creature, the weekend warrior. Last weekend on Saturday I did a three hour Aikido workshop. On Sunday I did the Halton Epic Tour. Both fun, in their way, but also both exhausting.

And then something really weird, for me, happened. I went five days without exercise. That almost never happens in my life.

Monday was the first teaching day of the year for me, four hours of classes and a full day of meetings, all ending at about 8 pm. I didn’t make it to the gym as planned. Yawn.

The rest of the week had a similar flavour: reading groups, meetings that ran into the evening, sleepy mornings. I was feeling lucky to make it through the days.

This weekend I warriored all over again. Aikido + an 85 km bike ride out to see Tracy compete in her triathlon.

Wish me luck for next week as I add the weekday bits back in: CrossFit, Aikido, running, and riding. Given the temperatures, brrrr, I might even throw in some hot yoga.


5 thoughts on “A work week without exercise and weekend warrior syndrome

  1. Thank you. I’ve been feeling this way since I merged suddenly on to the September autobahn. In theory I have time for exercise … but in practice I have not done anything during the week (save the odd dog walk). At least there are a fair number of stairs at work.

  2. Sometimes the grind of being busy makes me more likely to add workouts on to my calendar and then to stick to them — it’s like I’m already on a productive train and they’re just the funnest part of a long to do list! 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I had a similar problem this past weekend. I had planned to run every day this month, but first my travel delayed my run on Friday until after 10pm and there wasn’t a safe indoor location. Then, Sunday my cycle started up viciously to the point that walking around the house equaled running to the bathroom so as not to paint the house red. Today is the first day that I’m feeling even remotely normal again and how sad my running shoes look sitting in the closet….tomorrow is another day and I will hit the streets again! Best of luck this semester!

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