A work week without exercise and weekend warrior syndrome


Despite my own advice, start as you mean to continue, I didn’t actually manage it this year.

Instead, for the first week of the academic year  I morphed into that dreaded creature, the weekend warrior. Last weekend on Saturday I did a three hour Aikido workshop. On Sunday I did the Halton Epic Tour. Both fun, in their way, but also both exhausting.

And then something really weird, for me, happened. I went five days without exercise. That almost never happens in my life.

Monday was the first teaching day of the year for me, four hours of classes and a full day of meetings, all ending at about 8 pm. I didn’t make it to the gym as planned. Yawn.

The rest of the week had a similar flavour: reading groups, meetings that ran into the evening, sleepy mornings. I was feeling lucky to make it through the days.

This weekend I warriored all over again. Aikido + an 85 km bike ride out to see Tracy compete in her triathlon.

Wish me luck for next week as I add the weekday bits back in: CrossFit, Aikido, running, and riding. Given the temperatures, brrrr, I might even throw in some hot yoga.

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