Spring there, Autumn here. Sigh.

Happens every Autumn.

I shared what I thought was a good news story yesterday. Higher than normal fall temperatures expected. Yay! Right?

Not so much, judging by my friends’ responses.

Alberta friends had reason to complain. It’s snowing there. See here. And more expected. See Alberta Snowfall: Four things you should know for Monday.


But my Ontario friends? It was all anticipatory dread. Fall we all agreed is a perfectly lovely season. I love fall riding. See why I think fall riding is perfect for beginners. The colours are perfect. It’s not too hot. People are fit but mostly no one is training for any big races.

fall light I think what people are afraid of is what’s to come after fall: months of snow and cold. I’m trying not to think about it too much.

It’s especially tough for me. After a couple of sabbaticals in Australia and New Zealand I’ve got lots of cycling friends in the southern hemisphere. For them, it’s the start of spring and the beginning of the serious racing and training season. My Facebook newsfeed is full of posts and announcements about spring riding. I’m jealous!

The only thing I don’t miss about riding in Australia are the swooping magpies.



Thanks Lee for this one.