Runners World: I don’t want to run into my skinny jeans

In fact, I don’t own skinny jeans.

I’ve written about the difficulty athletic women have finding clothes that fit here.

Skinny jeans aren’t on my list even aspirationally. I have muscular calves, glutes, and quads from riding, lifting weights, and sometimes running.

I think your coverage of women’s running is pretty good at times, Runners World. But sometimes I don’t think you know your readers very well.


2 thoughts on “Runners World: I don’t want to run into my skinny jeans

  1. So, funny-not-funny story.

    I have a pair of hiking pants that are actually men’s pants, since it’s challenging to find women’s hiking pants in my size. They’re REI brand, and from the start they were a little too big for my waist, but now that I’ve lost some weight, they’re nearly impossible to wear without a belt. I went to the store and tried on a pair one size smaller, and though they fit comfortably at the waist, they were too tight around my thighs, which now have muscle bulk in addition to the fat I have yet to burn off.

    Even when I drop down to my target weight, I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing problem, because I’m not going to stop building up my quads and hamstrings and calves. These are the engines that power me up and down hills, after all.

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