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Hold my calls, CrossFit, but I’ll be back!


Since my knee injury I’ve been reluctant to continue at CrossFit. It’s not them, it’s me.

The coaches at CrossFit are very good at modifying workouts to accommodate athletes’ particular injuries, abilities, and limitations.

But me? I’ve been told by a physiotherapist to stop the minute my knee hurts. I’m not sure that in the competitive CrossFit environment I’d be able to listen to my body in quite the way I need to. As many reps as possible? Sure. But then ouch? Not so sure I’d stop as needed.

Definitely no box jumps for me!

So I’m taking the summer off in hopes I’ll be well enough to go back in September. This will give me more time to focus on Aikido and cycling, neither of which seem to hurt my knee. I’ve had an x-ray, working with a physio, and an MRI is scheduled. Fingers crossed I can get back to running, CrossFit, and soccer soon.

If I’m not better in September my injured knee and me will report back to CrossFit London and learn to cope.

I’m missing you CrossFit! Even the burpees….but for the summer, I’ll be out on the road, keeping my injured knee happy.


5 thoughts on “Hold my calls, CrossFit, but I’ll be back!

  1. Thank you so much for promoting the concept of listening to your body instead of pushing through the pain! As a trainer, one of my biggest obstacles to successful training (especially for clients who have had or currently have an injury) is the old Nike saying, “No Pain. No Gain.” Getting fit shouldn’t hurt! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    1. Thanks. Ran for my flight the other day and I didn’t hurt so I think physio is working. Fingers crossed!

  2. I suppose crossfit is like many competitive sports where it is difficult to listen to your body regarding potential injury while performing. The problem with crossfit though is that they push you to the point where proper form in repetitive exercises, in which proper form is key, will almost surely be lost at least at one point when pushing yourself to accomplish more. Perhaps this would not have been a terrible problem for me at 21, but it certainly poses a problem for me (and only talking for myself here) at 51! I’ve looked into it again recently and it’s really not for me. I’m just way too afraid of getting injured and then being out of commission. I think you have to know yourself, and I’m pretty sure I’d eventually get hurt. And I’m not talking about the regular hamstring tweaks, pulled muscles, tendon strains, etc., I’ve become somewhat used to having to endure from time to time. But again – only talking for myself here.

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