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Summer plans taking shape

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I thought it might be helpful to make a list of all the the things I’m up do running, biking, etc wise this summer. I’m also going to refer back to this post when I blog about financially accessible fitness!

1. Run for Retina, April 13,

It’s a local charity I care about being a vision impaired person myself. (See The four eyed athlete for details.) I’ve also done it in both the 5 and 10 km versions a few times before so I know the route and venue pretty well. This year I’m very glad it’s the 5K that I signed up for as me and my sore knee have been out of commission for awhile now. See Rough times, tough choices and Fail again, fail better? for details of my miserable winter.

2. Cambridge duathlon, June 15th

Sprint Duathlon ~ 2km Run, 30km Bike, 6km Run

The first 2km run will start near the beach and will do an “out and back” run. The bike is an out and back 30km course, with the riders only making a few turns. The course starts out with a few climbs then flattens out and returning on the downhills as you come back to the park. The run course is all contained among Shades Mills numerous trails which consist of grass, gravel and mulch sections and across a bridge. Runners will run through beautiful shaded areas hitting 4 water stations before finishing back near the transition area. This new site is perfect for spectators to cheer you on in many different places.

I’ve done the bike course before, I think, and the first short run will be fine. The second run, 6 km, I will need to train for and I’m really hoping my knee calms down once the weather improves.

3. 200 km with David: My friend Dave is a serious, award winning Randonneur, cycling distances that boggle the mind. Most of his distances are well out of my range but we plan to do a 200 km Brevet together at some point this summer. See the Ontario Randonneurs page if 300, 400 and even 600 km rides interest you!

4. Kincardine: That’s the wonderful women’s triathlon Tracy and I did last summer, along with my daughter and a friend of Tracy’s. See First Triathlon Try: the Tri That Wasn’t.

It’s a terrific event and so we’re both doing it again, me the non swimming version!

5. Friends for Life Bike Rally: Yay! I’m 65% of the way to my massive fundraising goal of $2500. See 50th Birthday Challenge: Friends for Life Bike Rally. It’s a 600 km ride Toronto to Montreal, to raise money to support people living with HIV/AIDS. (The Friends For Life Bike Rally is the sustaining fundraiser of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.)

6. August Bull Dog duathlon: I’m hoping to do this one again, Fun end of summer race, complete with age group medals! and My (Accidental) Barefoot Triathlon.

7. Gran Fondo: Last year I did the Gran Fondo Niagara which I loved but they aren’t holding it again. (See Riding, not racing, the Niagara Falls Gran Fondo.) Sigh. So this year it’s the Epic Tour | The GTA’s GranFondo 140K-80K-50K-10K (the 140 km version).

8. New belt test? I’m training for it now and hope to test either end of spring or end of summer. See Training for my 4th Kyu Test in Aikido Either option is perfectly fine but I’m hoping it doesn’t drag into the winter. Aikido more than anything I do tests my ability to be patient with slow progress. See This is how I feel sometimes about Aikido.


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  1. I had a beautiful list like this one year that ended short because I quit my job to go back to graduate school. I wish you the best at all of these events this summer! My goal is to get back to one….possibly in the next year since I will be done with having kids and nursing kids by August.

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